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What Reviewers Are Saying about We Got Mojo!
Stories of Inspiration and Perspiration


“Great leadership is found in courageous acts in every corner of the Earth. This compilation of compelling stories from around the globe is a source of inspiration and insight.”
Frances Hesselbein, Founder & CEO, Hesselbein Institute and Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor.

“Every once in a while you find a leadership book that gets right to the point, revealing the grit, determination and generosity necessary to build a lasting legacy.”
Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times bestselling author and #1 executive coach in the Thinkers50.

“While my career has been focused on the intersection of business, law, and technology, my life has been a quest for knowledge, wisdom, and useful information. This book condenses the wisdom of many lifetimes into short, moving chapters that tell the unique story of an individual undertaking inspiring personal and professional journeys. Readers seeking success in business may find that being the hero of one’s own life story is the ultimate path.”
Miriam Rivera, Managing Partner and Co-founder Ulu Ventures; formerly Member Board of Trustees, Stanford University and Vice President/Deputy General Counsel, Google.

“We all want to be successful, so what better way to advance that ambition than by reading the intimate stories of those who have persevered and frequently had to overcome imposing challenges to achieve personal and professional success and happiness. I have had Raul Deju as a significant author for my business journal and can assure you that his We Got Mojo! Book will inspire and guide you on your own success journey.”
James Kristie, Editor, Directors & Boards.

“This is an extraordinary book with important lessons for life. The book is filled with personal journeys of three dozen remarkable folks, proving that anyone born or able to find their way to the US has won life’s biggest lottery. Dr. Deju shows how hard work, courage, persistence and an unquenchable desire to succeed will ALWAYS lead to success. This is the American Dream.”
Douglas Doan, Founder and Chairman,
Hivers and Strivers, Angel Investment Group;
West Point and Harvard Business School Graduate

“You hold in your hands a book of stories of courage in business leadership. Just like you and me, the authors of these stories faced obstacles and crises—the sort that test your mettle and bring tears and angst to the forefront, keeping you up at night. How they overcame these fears because they believed in their purpose is what ultimately led them to succeed. This is a book that will help you find the courage to overcome those same obstacles all leaders must face in order to be a leader.”
Drew Mendoza, Managing Principal,
the Family Business Consulting Group Inc.

“Amazing heartfelt work! This beautiful compilation of stories is a must read not only for everyone who is struggling today to find their way through life’s minefield but also for those of us that have found our way through—albeit temporarily, since life’s struggles are never totally behind anyone. I found the stories uplifting, yet upsetting at times, as I recalled my own struggles out of poverty. It is important to remember the circumstances that long ago lifted us from trying times and to use those memories to inspire us to become the catalyst for the success of others.”
Ken Kilroy, Senior Partner, Brightstar Capital Partners; Cofounder and CEO, Unity Investment Partners and Trailhead Advisors; named one of the “Power 25” top wealth managers in America

“This compilation of real stories about how to succeed in America should be a ‘must read’ material for all those who are determined to not just dream about a better life, but to make their dreams a reality. These stories prove that all you need is the plentiful opportunity found in this country and to have lots of “Mojo” to change not just your life but the life of those around you. Dr. Deju has mastered telling the
American story of success with this book. Very inspirational!”
Lupita Colmenero, Publisher, El Hispano News, and Executive Vice President, Latina Style

“Raul Deju and the contributors of his book, We Got Mojo! have given us something of real meaning. Intimate personal stories were shared throughout that provided revelations and inspiration. I was pulled from one uplifting chapter to the next! It is clear that this book was meant to serve others, and it has done so beautifully.”
Dr. Tamara Monosoff, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author
and Creator of the Author-to-Income Formula

“We Got Mojo! is one of the most important books you will read this year. The rich and varied stories in this remarkable volume demonstrate that the American Dream is alive and well. Each extraordinary story offers invaluable lessons on how to live a truly great life.”
Dr. Anne E. Cunningham, Professor, University of California,
Berkeley; Author of Book Smart: How to Develop
and Support Successful, Motivated Readers

“Only an extraordinary man, such as Dr. Raul Deju, would have such extraordinary Best Friends Forever. Through this book, the reader gains 36 new BFF including Dr. Deju. All of them share their inspiring stories, their lessons learned, and their heartfelt views on life. The effect of these stories is poignant and thought-provoking and ultimately provides us with wisdom, given as only a BFF can, to improve our lives.”

Dr. Debra Bean, President, John F. Kennedy University